Our worship services are casual and uplifting times of celebration with a mix of contemporary and traditional music plus prayer, lots of fellowship, and expository preaching. Scripture, either from the Old or New Testament, is always our subject matter. Our desire is that everyone receives solid truth from God’s Word, and we encourage all to make application for their own lives. Then we go back out into the harvest field outside our doors.
    Come celebrate Jesus with us!


    Looking for the right place to go to church was never easier! Whether this is your first time in years or you are in the habit of regular attendance, Abundant Life has something for you. Let's start with the dress code...there isn't one! If you feel more comfortable in shorts and sandals, or dressing up, you'll be just fine. God isn't impressed with the outer man anyway- it's the heart He cares about, so come as you like and be accepted.


    After we sing, we pray and then the kids head to their children's church classes. We look into the Book, and find some practical applications of the Word of God to our lives today. Before you know it we are finished and ready to go back to our lives and jobs. but with renewed vision and joy.


    Our members feel they've found exactly the place God wants them to be, and it all started with a visit. We hope you will do the same, and see why a weekly time of refreshment in the Word of God with the people of God can change your life for the better. Other churches are bigger, and some smaller, but none is more determined to enjoy life to the MAX than we are!

Rooted & Grounded in Love

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, Elder-led, evangelical church. We believe that Jesus is who he said He was, did what He said He would do, and will do what He has promised to do. We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and is without error in the original writings and constitute the complete revelation of His will for salvation. We believe that becoming an adopted child of God for eternity is assured for those who, by faith, completely and absolutely believe the Gospel message to be true and profess that belief. Jesus plus nothing. Here at ALC, it’s all about the love.